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My name is Derren Fox. I'm a seabird researcher and conservationist working currently on Bird Island, off South Georgia in the South Atlantic, Studying Albatrosses. I have been privileged to work in some very remote and beautiful places over the years, including Orkney for 6 years with the RSPB managing nature reserves on the Mainland, Antarctica with the British Antarctic Survey on Bird Island off South Georgia where I studied Albatrosses and petrels and Signy in the South Orkney Islands working on chinstrap and Adelie penguins along with other petrel and seal species, as well as Ascension and Gough Island.

I love taking photos of the wildlife I work with, trying to capture the essence of these magnificent species, as well as the spectacular landscapes and other wildlife I encounter on my wanderings.

This website contains some of my favourite images.

I'd appreciate any constructive feedback on the site and welcome any comments.

Best wises